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Is it allow to sell sports analytics magazines on the shopify

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Good afternoon, our service is expanding and at the moment we are preparing a modern solution for the analytics of sports events, and we are considering the niche of magazines, although indeed most people prefer to receive information on a phone or computer, but according to our research, we can take a good position by specifically selling subscriptions to people on magazines.
At the moment our service is located on:
For a more complete embrace of the market, we would like to be placed on sales platforms, including yours.

Is this niche allowed on

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Yes, it is generally allowed to sell sports analytics magazines on Shopify, as long as the content and products being sold comply with Shopify's terms of service and any applicable laws or regulations. However, it's important to review and adhere to Shopify's policies and guidelines to ensure that your store and products meet their requirements. Always consult Shopify's official documentation and support for specific guidance related to your e-commerce business.