Is it possible to add a link on a page to a collection/product?

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In my main menu I have a page where I would like to add a button that can send you straight to a collection/ product. Is this possible? 

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Hey, @UlrikePearson!

Ash here from the Shopify team. Thank you for posting your question in the Shopify Community Forums! 

I'm happy to help out with adding a link directly to a collection or product. You mention wanting to add the link to a page in your main menu. Are you looking to add the link directly in the navigation bar on your site? Or perhaps you're referring to adding the link to a page that is already linked in your menu? I'll provide a solution for each case, and feel free to reply back here and tell me if this helps. 

  1. Adding a link to a specific collection or product to the navigation bar on your site can be done from the Online Store> Navigation section of your admin. Each menu item you add to your main menu can be linked to webpages, collections, products, blogs and more. We have steps on adding menu items on this page in our Help Center.
  2. If you're looking to add a link on an existing page, there are a number of options. I'll list these options below: 

Let me know by replying here if the above resources are helpful in achieving your end goal. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Bumping this back up for the same question... we have all of our collections populating as tiles on our main shop page (Debut theme).  One collection though we just want to link directly to our website, and not actually contain products etc... which specific option of yours would you recommend for those of us that aren't pros with HTML?