Is it possible to have a shipping rate attached to a discount code?

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Hello, is it possible to have a shipping rate attached to a discount code?


For example, the current shipping rate to Singapore in our shop is set to Free but we were wondering if it was possible to have a $8 flat shipping rate when a specific product discount code is used.

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Here's a possible approach:

1. Create a Shipping Profile: In your Shopify admin, create a new shipping profile specifically for the product or products you want to apply the discounted shipping rate to. You can set the flat rate of $8 for this shipping profile.

2. Apply the Shipping Profile to Products: Assign the products you want to include in this shipping profile to that profile. This can be done on the product edit page in the "Shipping" section.

3. Create a Discount Code: Create a discount code that customers can apply during checkout to receive a discount on the specific products. This code should be configured to apply a discount to the product's price, not the shipping.

4. Communicate the Process to Customers: Clearly communicate to your customers that when they apply the specific discount code during checkout, they will also be eligible for the discounted $8 shipping rate, effectively offering a combined discount.

5. Test the Checkout Process: Ensure that the checkout process works as expected by testing it with the specific discount code applied.

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