Is it possible to require express shipping at checkout?

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Good day,


Is it possible to require express shipping at checkout?


I have a certain collection of products that requires express shipping to ship. Call them "Cold Collection" I could add them to a Custom Shipping Rate, however I try to avoid this, because if "Cold Collection" products are added to the cart with "General" products, then customers only see "Shipping" at checkout.


That "Shipping" caption doesn't provide any context (length of shipping/reasoning) to my customers. It just the combine shipping costs, which I know will lead to decrease conversations.


So I have all products in General, and have 2 shipping General shipping options at checkout. Standard & Express. The issues is, even when I advise customers that the certain products require express, then still don't select the option. They of course go with the cheaper (non-Express) option.


Is there any way to either require it or shown some additional reminder at checkout that from certain product in your cart requires certain shipping.


Also, your general thoughts on how I'm trying to solve this. Am I about it the wrong way altogether.



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Hey, you can do this with our app ShipMagic. You can setup express shipping to show only when cart contains a Cold Collection product.

However, be informed that you need Shopify's CCS to be enabled on your store for any shipping rate app to work.

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