Is Shop Pay confusing for first-time customers?

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Hello Shopify comminity,

     I am new here. Just kicking the tires. I have built a couple of sites on Wordpress, but this seems so much easier and less time consuming.

     My question/concern is this; does anyone find that Shop Pay is confusing for first time customers? Does it cost sales? Is there a way to explain that it is the credit card option somewhere in plain site on the checkout page.

     I visited a couple of sites to get a sense of the platform. I was impressed, but when I went through the buying process and ran into the payment options, I was confused. I was thinking that if I were a real buyer, I might not take the time to figure it out. This seems like a heavy friction issue.

Thanks for any feedback,


Bixby Ehrmargerd Foot
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Hi, @BixFoot!


Welcome to Shopify Community.


Thank you for sharing your question with our network and for starting a discussion around this. I'm also very curious to hear the thoughts of our community members and how integrating Shop Pay has impacted them.


To be transparent, my opinion is likely a little biased as I have a special place for Shopify in my heart having been here for some time. I do recall my first time using Shop Pay and being incredibly impressed with the ease and use of both the payment options and the app itself. I tried to look for numbers that might support abandoned checkouts with Shop Pay activation, however, the numbers do seem to support the opposite - that it increases sales. In fact, it is even praised as the highest-converting accelerated checkout on the Internet. There's something to be said for that!


As far as the learning curve for first-time buyers I think that can be expected from all types of accelerated payment methods - even the first time using Apple Pay or Google Pay is bound to produce some resistance. That is often followed by ease after forming some familiarity.


I'd love to hear thoughts from other users as well, so let's open up the floor to them!


Warm regards,

Olivia | Social Care @ Shopify 
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So, I know this is year out, but Shop Pay is confusing to me.  Checkout used to be quite simple but I have had a couple of complaints. One customer is so turned off by it that I may lose them, and they are one of my long term top tier customers. When he was on another company site (not ours) that uses Shop Pay, he entered his credit card for another company he runs. Now whenever he comes to our site for supplies Shop Pay will use all the information from the other site instead of what he wants to use for ours. He is incredibly frustrated and has to call in his orders now. I don't know what the solution is but need to do something about this. 

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Definitely seeing this. 

Shopify DEFINITELY knows there's an issue with Shop Pay but are very reluctant to admit this. 


The payment experience with Shop Pay activated is now woeful since it's impossible to choose another payment option once you've logged in using an email associated to a Shop Pay account. And you can't seem to see a way of changing your shipping address. Support have confirmed this but also give no resolution.


I'm certain it's also causing issues with general account logins since it's asking customers to enter a code which puts them into a never ending spiral. Endless complaints.