Is Shopify SEO beneficial or is Wordpress + WooCommerce a better option?

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Is it worth to write blog posts, do SEO on a Shopify store and build backlinks or do you think that Wordpress + Wocommerce is better option if you are planning to rank your e-commerce website through SEO on search engine like Google?

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Shopify stores have the same opportunities for ranking as wordpress + woo. The tools are different, but the results can very much be the same.


Backlinks, good content, site speed, structured data. Focus on those, not the platform.

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ALL the things are good if you get more advance seo and analysis and online presences then you will use also advance AI tool  for seo optimization.

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Whether you use Wordpress or Shopify makes no difference for rankings, it is all based on the same ranking factor principles both platforms can fulfill.

Are blog posts worth it? Absolutely.

Are backlinks worth it? Absolutely, especially on highest traffic PDPs.

But focus on content, keyword research.


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