Is there a way to add a gift wrap option on the product level?

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I am doing a trial on Shopify and I have products available with different options/variants, where customer's may choose 3 different gift box options  with an extra cost based on the selection. (branded $0.75, white $0.50, no box $0.00) - Is there a way to add that to the product page, similar to an option but with a fee added.  All I can find is it being added on the cart page.  

The gift box options change for the type of product too.  Product #1 has 2 different upgrade options, Product #2 only has 1 upgrade option (upgrade meaning adding or upgrading a gift box).

Example: (gift box options can not change the sku #)

Product #1 Variant/Options:  Sku #1001  Pattern 1, Sku #1002 Pattern 2, Sku #1003 Pattern 3 - (default no gift box)
Gift Box Options (A) Branded Box add $0.75 (B) White Box add $0.50 

Product #2 Variant/Optoins:  Sku #1004 Pattern 1, Sku #1005 Pattern 2, Sku #1006 Pattern 3 (default white gift box)

Gift box Options (A) Branded box add $0.75  

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Trial? No mate you can't