Is there a way to add a secondary image to a slideshow in dawn 11.0.0?

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Good morning,


When building my website, I went and copied a code to allow my image banners to show the first image as desktop, and the second image as mobile friendly.  Upon doing this, my slideshow (Which was currently working for both desktop and mobile) went blank for the image on mobile.


I went and copied another code that did bring up a way to add a second image upload block in my slideshow.  I am able to upload a photo, but it is not showing the picture after I hit save.


I was wondering if there was a way to add a second picture, or a custom code I could put in the css under the slideshow that would at least allow the picture to be used for both?


Any workarounds or ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!



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Hi @coryferris ,


I find this requirement very vaggue. Can you please explain what is the requirement? so that i can suggest accordingly? 


Do you want a different image to be shown for mobile ??? for the below slider?




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Good Morning,


Apologies for any vagueness.  The slideshow in dawn only allows me to add one photo for the slide.  It is showing on the desktop, but on my mobile device it is coming up blank.  

I see you are able to load the image on your mobile device though.. 


I am just trying to make sure my slideshow is showing up on both desktop, and mobile.


Thank you Mangitma