Is there a way to block PO Box addresses from being entered during checkout?

Is there a way to block PO Box addresses from being entered during checkout?

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Hi! I own a handmade crib company and can't deliver to PO Boxes. I have had a few issues in the past and want to prevent this from happening as it was a nightmare.

Is there a way to prevent this on Shopify?

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The best way currently on Shopify is to use the Mighty PO Box Blocker app in the Shopify App Store. The app warns customers that you do not ship to PO Boxes and to re-enter a residential or office address. Hope this helps!

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I don't like this app( Mighty PO Box Blocker). It offers free shipping if the customer enters a PO box. (The warning message is a free shipping option)

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There is a better and more native solution to this problem now, which hides all shipping rates from appearing when customer enters a PO Box address. When customers try to checkout, they will see an error message on the checkout page at shipping step which optionally you can customize as well, as shown here.


You will need to use the BeSure Checkout Rules app. Here are the steps,

1. Create a new rule to "Hide shipping methods".
2. Inside the rule, set the condition of when "P.O. Box Address" then "Hide all shipping methods" and save rule. 


Here is an article with detailed step by step about how to easily block PO boxes.

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Its not native if you are recommending an App.

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Hi @leslieboon,

If you're open to using a third-party solution, Intuitive Shipping lets you prevent checkouts with PO boxes altogether. Using our Condition system, you can create a Shipping Scenario with a condition like:

Address > does not contain > po box,p.o. box,p.o box,po. box,pobox,,p.obox,,post office box,p/o,p / o

This will only trigger the shipping method when the condition is met. If it isn't - and this is your only Scenario - the customer won't be able to complete their checkout.

If you'd like more information on how Intuitive Shipping works, please feel free to book a demo with one of our team members.


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Have you found an alternative to using paid apps? Its a bit frustrating that shopify doesn't have a way to deal with this built in. These situation don't pop up often so its hard to justify spending $10-30 per month on a condition that happens infrequently.

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Welcome to Shopify, where most basic functionality is a paid option from 3rd party developers.


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Hello @WoooSaaaW 


Yes, apps available on the Shopify to customize shipping, means conditionally you can hide/delete shipping rates if address contains PO box. (in your case you just need to select all shipping rates and condition contains address: po box


When customer try to checkout, they will see an error on the checkout page at shipping step that you can change from theme language/edit content.

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Currently, the best way is using this app called Ultimate PO Box BlockerIt stops customers from punching in PO Box addresses at checkout, letting them know that shipping to that address is unavailable. It's a simple 1-click install with no rules to set up.

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Hi, To implementing custom code to prevent customers from entering PO Box addresses in Shopify involves adding JavaScript to your store's theme. Here's a basic example to get you started:
1. **Access Theme Code:**
   - Log in to your Shopify admin.
   - Go to "Online Store" and then "Themes."
   - Click on "Actions" and choose "Edit code."
2. **Locate Checkout Settings:**
   - In the code editor, find the "Sections" or "Snippets" folder.
   - Look for the file related to your checkout (e.g., `cart.liquid`, `checkout.liquid`, etc.).
3. **Add Custom Javascript:**
   - Inside the appropriate file, add the following JavaScript code:

The Java Code is attached

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Hi, our app enables native checkout validation (King Checkout Validation), which checks each field according to the rules you set yourself and prevents unexpected checkout, and shows the error message below the field.

for example:
Prevent Post office (PO) boxes address
Check if the address contains a house number / apartment number
Check if the number of field characters exceeds the maximum value
Customized keywords and regular expression checking rules