Is there a way to prevent customers from certain countries from using Shop Pay/Shopify Payment?

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So Shopify recently added a free fraud protection and I thought "Oh wonderful about time" but today I got two charge backs from Mexico which mysteriously weren't protected. So after contacting customer dis-service I come to learn that "Shop Pay" is protected but "Shopify Payment" isn't... ok mind explaining what the difference is? Needless to say I was just given the same stupid link they always farm people over to regarding fraud and it's as vexing as their idiotic conflated naming structure for their two payment systems which we have no control over designating and which ACTUALLY both go through the same payment gateway (as told by the rep) but whatever. Obviously this is just another shyster move on Shopify's part to look good while not actually doing anything to help us. I'm pissed beyond believe here.


Shopify needs to get off it's lazy rear end and have gateway risk level data fed DIRECTLY to the main warning tags of the order. They keep giving me the runaround on this but it's actually quite simple for them to make their precious algorithm actually flag orders that are elevated or high risk, which they are not actually currently doing at all. They are instead using extremely obscure and inaccurate data to determine those flags rather than just looking at the dang gateway response!


Anyways rant over. So my question is, is there a way to limit customers from a certain country to only be able to use PayPal? I expect not but I was hoping that people would have some other suggestion at least that might help since Shopify's fraud protection is just smoke and mirrors.

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