Is there any CSV file Templet to Add Products with different locations please

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Im trying to find out any csv file but with different locations to add a products from many warehouses but i cant find this templet , is there anyone can help me with this templet please 

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Have you followed the csv instructions from here:


  • <Name of location> - Specify a location name in the column heading. In the column, enter values for the amount of inventory in the location specified by the column heading.

    The column heading is case sensitive and must be the name of one of your locations. Include a column for each location where you want to update inventory. Remove any other location columns and headings.

    The number can be positive, negative, or 0. You can also enter Not stocked to indicate that the product is never stocked at the location.




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 Hi @ihabstore 

I can see why you might want to do this, especially if you want to add products and have different stock levels across multiple locations.

One way I can think of to achieve this, will be to use a combination of two different types of CSV file. First, you can add all of the new products to your store by using the Products CSV file. A handy way to do this efficiently is to first export the file from the products section of your admin. You can then add the new products in as extra lines (paying attention to the Products CSV File Format so that you include all of the required information), and then import the file again (it is a good idea to Create a Backup of your products, just in case any mistakes are made).

Once the new products are added to your store, you can then export an Inventory CSV file. This file can be used to update product stock levels across various locations. The products and locations should be added to your store first before exporting this file, so that the file itself includes all of the correct columns for each location. You can make the necessary edits to the stock levels, and then import this file to update your store.

Are you just starting out on Shopify, and adding products to your store for the first time? We have some great information in our Help Centre about managing products on Shopify. Let me know if the above solution works for you! 


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