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Hi everyone,

I'm a new designer venturing into the world of Shopify and I'm excited to offer store design services. While I currently focus on design, I'm interested in expanding my skillset to provide more customization options for my clients.

To help me plan my learning journey, I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a significant advantage to learning programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Shopify theme development?
  2. Can I learn Shopify Liquid without a foundation in these basic coding languages, or would that be beneficial?
  3. Is the rise of headless commerce or other trends expected to significantly reduce the need for developers in the future of Shopify?

I'm eager to learn and appreciate any recommendations on where to start, whether it's focusing on Shopify Liquid or diving into coding first.


Thanks in advance for your insights!

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Hi @fahad110. Shopify has a huge market. So, learning various development tools of Shopify can be useful for you.

1. Firstly, if you learn html, css and javascript, you can use use them both within Shopify and outside Shopify world. Javascript is one of the most demanding programming language, you can prepare both frontend and backend of your application using javascript only. We will suggest you to research more on it if you're interested.

2. Basic knowledge of coding will be helpful to learn Liquid. Liquid is a templating engine/language. If you learn javascript, then learning liquid will be easy for you.
3. The rise of headless commerce and other trends is not expected to significantly reduce the need for developers. Instead, these trends often increase the demand for skilled developers.

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Thanks for your response, but my exact question is, should I dive into this field to earn handsome amount?