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Is there any way to automate segmenting of Shopify customers by location when using Shopify Email?

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Hi all

I run an events company. We use Shopify to sell tickets.

We are using a Privy sign-up form on our Shopify site to capture customer emails, names and locations (a text input field for Nearest City). Unfortunately Privy can't add any information to a customer record on Shopify except name and email, so I have to input this data manually.

Does anyone know of an app that can fill in the address field of a customer record? Or an app that can add a tag to the customer record depending on their sign-up source? I've had a look at AOD: Smart Tagger but it can't add a tag based on the sign-up source. 

Can't figure out a workaround. It's insane that Shopify only offers an email sign-up newsletter bar with no options for customisation. How hard can that really be to create?

Ever since Shopify removed Mailchimp integration they've really made this whole process a nightmare. I could go back to Mailchimp but then I'd only be having to export all data from purchasers who opt-in to marketing into there anyway, so not sure it would save me any hassle.

Thanks in advance

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