Is there way to change a title for a different variation on shopify?

Is there way to change a title for a different variation on shopify?

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Hi I would like when I click on the different variations then the title should be different - Is this possible? 


This would also be good for google ads! 


Thank you very much

Any advice is appreciated.

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Adding JavaScript Functionality can help


Code example


document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  var variantSelector = document.querySelector('#product-selectors');
  var titleElement = document.querySelector('.product-title');

  variantSelector.addEventListener('change', function() {
    var selectedVariant = variantSelector.value;
    var variantTitle = document.querySelector(`option[value="${selectedVariant}"]`).text;
    titleElement.textContent = variantTitle;


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Hi @Fightingfatigue 

What theme are you using? Could you share your store URL so we can check? 

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