Is this a glitch?

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Yesterday I ordered a product called a Sutro, directly from their website, it is a swimming pool chemical monitor. After I placed the order I got an email saying in order to track the package I need to download Shop. So I did that, created an account, and when I logged in I could see 2 orders, one was mine and the other was unknown. The unknown order just got delivered to my house and it's a shirt my wife ordered on Etsy on May 21st. She has never used Shop (she probably wouldn't even remember if she did), so my question is why would her Etsy order show up on my account?

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Hi @lions1987 !


This might be because your wife used your Shop pay account. Even though, she did not use the Shop app, the payment method she used is connected to your Shop pay account. That is why all of the order history using this payment method will show up.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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