Is This Bad? - Reached Checkout VS. Converted

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Hi Shopify people!  

Hoping to get some help insight and opinions on this conversion rate problem I'm dealing with. Does this drop seem extreme to anyone? 

For the last 45 days, here is our conversion funnel: 

Added to Cart - 326 sessions

Reached Checkout - 211 sessions

Purchased - 34 sessions


Is this a sign of a bad UX, high shipping costs? or is this "normal"?

We have a physical retail store, and we are using abandoned check out recovery through Klaviyo. 


From what I understand, this seems like an abnormally low conversion rate.


Is there something I'm doing wrong?


Our store:

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Hi, @sid1025.


That's a great question, thanks for posting! Your conversion rate is actually higher than average! The typical ecommerce conversion rate is 2.8% of daily traffic. You are doing great!


I took a look at your site and love it. Are you using Shopify POS for your retail location? If not, I would definitely look into it as its a fantastic way to keep all of your inventory and sales in one place. 


When it comes to your online store, I do have a few very small recommendations. First, I would take the model size measurements off the photo and place it in the product description. I would also remove the background from the product images as this will provide a super clean look. You can use a free service like to easily remove your photos background.


Next, I would remove the filters from the collection pages. As you only have two products per collection there is no need for this and it will look much cleaner.



Finally, I would add a popup. Popups are a great tool to not only build a customer list, but a great way to bring those conversions up even higher. A great way to utilize a pop up would be to request customers sign up with their email to your mailing list to receive a 10% off coupon. My favorite popup app, which also has newsletter options, is Privy which you can find here.


In the meantime, I would love to hear more about your marketing strategy! If you haven't already, think of influencer marketing. There is a large number of medical professionals on TikTok that could display your products to their audience! 



Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you for your response and valuable recommendations. I will certainly implement them soon! 

I think I’m misunderstanding how conversion rates are calculated. Our store launched about 45 days ago. Since then, we have received 4509 sessions (4018 visitors) and only 38 sales.

As you mentioned, the average conversion rates are approximately 2.8%. However, the shopify dashboard shows our conversions at 0.84% (measured from our launch date 45 days ago, until now).


From the conversion funnel, I’m seeing the following:

Added to Cart - 351 sessions

Reached Checkout - 223 sessions

Purchased - 38 sessions


Is this conversion rate normal within our funnel? I thought it was odd that from 223 sessions reaching checkout, only 38 sessions were actually converted into sales.


My thought was there may be an issue within the checkout process that is preventing more customers from completing the transaction (from reaching checkout to purchasing).

We are using Klaviyo to try and retain the abandoned carts, but for some reason we aren’t able to convert them to sales on the store. 

I’m curious to know if you have any insight, or if I’m calculating conversion the wrong way.

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Conversion rate is calculate by Purchased/All Session, so in your case that will be 38/4509=0.84%.

I think Skye mistook your Added to Cart sessions to All Sessions.


I also tested your site. When I add product to cart and want to check out, the loading time takes more than 20 seconds,

Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 4.59.14 PM.png

And suddenly below country/currency window popped up. After I chose country and currency, I finally successfully got to check out page. I think your low check out>>purchased conversion rate maybe because of the long page loading time.

Other factors such as shipping cost and payment method also affect conversion rate, I suggest you can compare these factors with your competitors and make your own strategy.








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Hi, @sid1025.


My mistake, I read your post wrong, and thought the Added to Cart was the total sessions! I apologize. You are correct, your conversions are quite low.


The checkout process was not an issue. However, I think the main concern here is the shipping price. Offering free shipping over a certain price is fantastic, however, your shipping price is 61% of the product price. Customers are going to have a very difficult time paying such high shipping. 


I understand you are in Canada, and as a Canadian myself, I sympathize with how expensive Canada Post is. As strange as it seems, your best solution would be to increase your product price, and lower your shipping price. Customers would much rather pay a higher price for a product, then to "waste" money on shipping. The modern pricing strategy for online sales is to calculate the shipping cost into the product cost. Instead of the calculated live rates, opt for $5, or $10 flat shipping as this is much more digestible than $22 shipping. 





Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Skye!

I realize this discussion is old but I hope it is still open and active.

We have a very similar problem with low conversion rate (0,56%) (added to cart: 3.56%, reached checkout 2.97%) .

We would greatly appreciate feedback on how we can improve.

We are a Swedish “light luxury” shoe brand.

Shipping costs are high for our product (shipping a pair of knee-high boots from Sweden to USA costs about $60, return shipping is even more expensive). We charge a flat shipping fee of $19. If a customer wishes to return then the total non-refunded shipping cost will be $34.

Do you think it is the shipping costs that causes our low conversion rate or do you see some other problems/issues?


Many thanks in advance!





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Hi, @MiaAnny 


Thanks for joining!


Let's start by saying your shoes are absolutely STUNNING.


With that out of the way, I definitely understand your concern regarding the low rates. While the checkout rate isn't great, I would focus on the 'Add to cart' rate to start. When that improves, the checkout, and conversion rate will increase.


Looking at your site, there are some areas of improvement on your home page. I love the collage style, but it needs more. For example, I would move the collage down a bit, and add a slideshow at the top, or center image, with featured products/collections below it. I would also suggest increasing your header just slightly. 


I hope that helps! If you have an more questions, please let me know.

Skye | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello Mia,


Were you able to increase your numbers? I see a few quick improvments that you could do on your site to potentially help visitors become customers.


Just so you know it is normal that a luxury brand like yours will have a lower conversion rate than a brand selling 20$ items.

Thank you,