Is this Shopify partner email legitimate or spam?

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I received this email today from someone claiming to be a Shopify partner. The email they used is
Is this spam?
"Dear Shopify Merchant,
I hope this message finds you well. We're reaching out urgently concerning the status of your store on our platform.
To maintain high standards, we're introducing brand regulations to boost productivity and quality for each Shopify store. Unfortunately, after a thorough assessment, we've noticed that your store is among the lowest performers. As a result, your store is scheduled for deranking, effective April 5th, 2024.
This decision was tough, but we're at this moment to support you during this transition. We're ready to present personalized assistance, guidance, and support to improve your store's presentation.
A quick response to this email is crucial to kickstart our tailored support. Our dedicated team is eager to help you succeed in the Shopify community, so be gratified to reach out for assistance.
This is a lucky probability to proactively work towards preserving your store's presence.
Thank you, 
Shopify Held Authority Co-founder: Daniel Weinand
With warm regards,
Kaait Bast
Assigned Shopify Support Team."
Please let Let me know asap!
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We got the same message. I'm glad someone else did too. The fact it is from a Gmail address makes it look like spam to me. We're ignoring it.