Is this spam/ pishing ?

Is this spam/ pishing ?

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I received an email from Topicals with a lot of my information. This was regarding an order I supposedly made, but I didn't buy anything. So, it seems fishy. However, I create content on social media and follow Topicals on YouTube, where they sometimes send things to creators.

What do you think? I already clicked on the link, and it seemed legitimate, but now I'm worried.

Here is the email address:


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Hi @LouTravel 
While the email address ( appears to be from Shopify, it's important to stay cautious as it might be a scam. To ensure your safety, please verify it through your Shopify account by checking your order history, reach out to Topicals via their official website and monitor your account and bank statements, along with any accounts linked to that email, to make sure no unauthorized transactions take place
I hope this helps resolve your issue 😊

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