Is transitioning to Shopify B2B a good idea?

Is transitioning to Shopify B2B a good idea?

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I am going to express here my opinion, Shopify is a good tool for DTC, so when they released the B2B part, I was really excited to transfer my store to Shopify. I know there are ways to do B2B in the old ways, blocking and etc, which I will now need to do, but let me express here first why I absolutely hate their B2B.


First of all, I don't think they knew what they were doing, and I don't think they gave any thought about the customer, let's start with, the login... the B2B login needs to be their new method, which doesn't restrict any customer from being approved, since that method also doesn't work with other apps.

Second, you can't use discounts, yes, you heard right, no discounts, no tiered pricing, no scripts, nothing works, so if you were planning on doing this, FORGET!
The customer cannot add their company information, and for that, we need to use an app, as I mentioned before, the app doesn't actually work with the company information.
So, my customer, can't add their information, and can't submit the account for approval, but they can create an account right away and buy it, without any approval.

I tried really hard to make it work, I tried talking with CS, which always say: we are going to send this to our Developers, but we all see many posts from 2018 with issues they never fixed. So I am hopeless with this one, pretty bad move from them. 


A little advice to the Shopify Team, if you want to release a product, study your public and the other products that do the same, because BigCommerce does a great job, with half of the price.




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