ISO anyone selling on Facebook Mktplace, bringing orders to Shopify, and fulfilling via Amazon MCF

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I would REALLY like to connect with someone set-up on Shopify, selling on Facebook Marketplace via the Facebook Sales Channel, and integrated from Shopify to Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) for fulfillment.  We have been set-up for a very long time to have orders on our Shopify store fulfilled via Amazon MCF.  This has worked well.  We recently started receiving orders on the Facebook Marketplace which arrive into Shopify just fine.  The issue is Amazon MCF only will accept orders with Shipping Method "Standard", "Priority" or "Expedited" yet Facebook sends a much longer Shipping Method such as "STANDARD (2 - 5 Business Days)".  Do to this issue, our orders are not being accepted into Amazon MCF - requiring us to manually enter every order into Amazon for fulfillment.    

Neither Shopify Support nor Facebook Support have a solution - yet I know we cannot be the only party selling in this manner. 

Is there an App that can modify the Shipping Method data description sent by Facebook Marketplace - either between Facebook and Shopify, or between Shopify and Amazon MCF?  Or, has anyone developed another solution.  I would REALLY appreciate some help on this one. 

Thank you!  

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