Issue a Gift Card, triggered from Zoho Bookings

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Can anyone help with this request? I want to see if the following link between our Zoho Bookings (appointment system) & Shopify POS is possible/practical? 
We have a growing no-show issue and in order to address this, we want to introduce a Booking Deposit, where customers using our Zoho Bookings online booking system will make the payment at the time of booking on the Zoho Bookings system (Payment is not through or via Shopify Payments).
Since this is a Deposit we are happy to use that payment against the purchase on the day, as long as they turn up.
So the complexity of this link is baffling me, hence this help request.
When a customer books and pays for the deposit, on Zoho Bookings, I want to trigger the sale of a Gift Card to the value of the deposit with an expiry date being the day of the booking, in our Shopify POS system and send it to the customer. Zoho Bookings will have to check customer exists, add the purchase, with 100% discount as it already been paid for via Zoho.
Then when the customer turns up as promised, they use the Gift Card, and if they do not turn up, then the gift card has expired and so the amount is lost to them.
We cannot change the Zoho Booking system we use, it is to well established to change.
This may be a big ask, but there are people who may know better!
Thanks for reading this and I look forward to some feedback
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