Issue with Contrado Drop Ship products not going live

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Hi All - 

I'm using Contrado for some drop ship products. All was good and I have a process to put them into the appropriate collections and they're flowing through nicely. 


We just created a number of furniture items, they're live in Contrado, flowed through to my product catalog and into the correct collections - thats where it stopped !  Everything appears correct, they're in the correct collection, are active, inventory is tracked by Contrado. When one goes from ACTIVE to  DRAFT and back to ACTIVE, you can Preview the product from the product page, however doing the same action from the Collection Page (click on product and then view) I get a 404 broken link message...


Would love anyones ideas to solve this

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Hi Kipperj, 

Thank you for highlighting this. 

I am glad that you are enjoying the process. About the 404 error, I will certainly check that for you. 
To investigate this, would it be feasible for you to share the screenshot and URL of the page with us at and I will get it checked right away for you. 

I am looking forward to receiving the details and I will quickly resolve it for you. 


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It seems I can't upload a video file - I can send/dropship a video of the products where it works and where we're having issues if you can send me an email address