Issue with Overriding Currency and Consistent Pricing in Multi-Currency

Issue with Overriding Currency and Consistent Pricing in Multi-Currency

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Hello Shopify Community,

I'm encountering a persistent issue with currency override and pricing discrepancies in my multi-currency Shopify store, and I'm hoping to get some insights or solutions from anyone who might have faced similar challenges.

Problem Summary:

  • I'm using the Shopify API to create and update draft orders.
  • Despite specifying the currency explicitly in my API requests, the currency doesn't seem to override correctly after placing the order.
  • Details:

    • Currency Issue: When I set the currency to EUR in my API call, the order still processes in USD. Here's a snippet of my API call for creating a draft order:
      { "draft_order": { "currency": "EUR"}}

      Pricing Issue: The cart shows the discounted price correctly, but upon reaching checkout, an additional amount is added, which should not be there.

      Additional Query:

      • Currency-Specific Pricing: How can I correctly override prices based on currency, such as shipping costs and discounted prices on line items, when creating an order? I need to ensure that all associated costs reflect the chosen currency accurately.

        I am seeking advice on:

        • Why the currency override might not be working despite correct API usage.
        • Steps .
        • How to ensure that pricing for shipping, discounts, and other line items remains consistent across the cart and checkout pages in a multi-currency setup.

        Any guidance, experiences, or suggestions you could share would be immensely helpful.

        Thank you in advance!

      There is also a consistent issue where the final price at checkout does not reflect the prices shown in the cart, leading to discrepancies and customer confusion.

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