Issue with the translation of my cookie banner

Issue with the translation of my cookie banner

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Hey there, 

I hope everyone is doing alright. I have one question which is bothering me. 

I use Shopify's cookie banner which has a "title option". I don't want to have a title, just a direct message that is warning my customers why I use cookies. So I managed to remove the title when you are on my English page, but when I switch to my native tongue the title pops up. 

My primary market is Bulgarian, not in English. So is there a way to remove the title for my main market? I've tried to remove it more than 7 times when localizing but unfortunately didn't do well. 

Thanks in advance!

Choob Shop 

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Hi @ChoobShop 

This is Richard at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.


I understand your frustration with the recurring free shipping glitch on Saturdays for orders below $99 using SmarttShip with Shopify. It sounds like you've already taken some good steps to troubleshoot:

  • Contacted Shipping Platform Support: Opening a case with SmarttShip was a smart first move. However, if progress seems slow, you might consider following up or escalating the issue if possible.

Here are some additional ideas that might help resolve the issue:

  • Double-Check SmarttShip Settings: While you mentioned your rates are set for free shipping above $99, meticulously review all settings related to Purolator and Saturday deliveries within SmarttShip. Look for any hidden rules or conditions that might be conflicting with your intended rates.

  • Explore Shopify Shipping Settings: Although the issue seems to be with SmarttShip, double-check your Shopify shipping settings for Purolator on a separate note. Ensure there aren't any conflicting rules accidentally set up there.

  • Search Shopify Community Forums: As mentioned in previous discussions, the Shopify Community Forums can be a valuable resource. Search for threads related to SmarttShip or free shipping glitches. You might find others who have encountered similar issues and their solutions could be helpful. Here's the link again in case you need it: Shopify Community.


Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Richard | PageFly

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Hey @PageFly-Richard,

I think you've answered the wrong person because that totally doesn't refer to my problem. Maybe you wanted to help someone else. 

I appreciate the effort. Have a great day! 

Choob Shop