Issues in Official Documentation

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Good day! I'm a Shopify developer. I use Liquid documentation a lot. There are a couple of issues that makes it hard to use.

Link example:
1. Sidebar doesn't scroll, thus it's impossible to reach some links in the end of the list.

Issue 1.png

2. It's very hard to select and copy a portion of "object", because anchor link has a big viewbox, that overflows with text.

Issue 2.png


Wasn't able to find other way to report these issues, thus did it this way. Thanks for your attention. Shopify is a developer friendly platform and I love it. I'am not regretting building stores here!

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How nice that the developer himself writes here. I used to use Liquid too, but I had to switch to another program because this forum doesn't give clear answers. I would like to take advantage of the fact that there is a developer here in the thread. How optimal to use to implement documentation into project from shopify and if it's worth interacting with client. I need to understand if it's worth linking packages or if it's better to work separately in each program. The resources are there.