Issues with COGS

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Hello All


I hope this gets to the right people. I am having a really hard time getting an accurate COGS out of Shopify Admin.

We use the COGS report in Shopify to calculate P&L

I use Stocky to create Purchase Orders that feed into Shopify Admin.

We create the product in Shopify Admin

We create the PO in Stocky

We receive the products and it uploads to Shopify Admin.

When we repurchase an existing SKU the newest price over rides in Shopify Admin.

Example I purchase 10 of product X at $ 10.00 on Jan 1 2024

Shopify Admin and Stocky show product X at $ 10.00

We sell 3 leaving 7 

I purchase another 10 of product X at 8.00

Stocky will now change the price to 8.00

I want to either see a weighted average of the price - about 8.80 - (Support says this is calculated in Stocky but will not feed to Shopify Admin) or FIFO accounting for this.

Support suggests manually calculating this and then uploading a CSV

There must be a better way

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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