Issues with discount codes when customer puts specific product in cart

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Looking for assistance here as we're running into a couple of issues on our store. Yesterday we launched 2 new products... so we now have 3 total, call them A, B (new) & C (new) and I am observing that customers are having issues if they include product A in their order. 

When product A is included, and a promo code is applied, Shopify will say we don't ship to their respective locations with a notice that says "Your cart has been updated and the items you added can't be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order."

If the customer removes the promo code, or removes product A, then the order will go through. I have tried to simulate this on my end and ultimately can clear my cart, start over and figure it out but overall it's a nuisance for the customer and not facilitating an easy checkout. Would be awesome if someone could provide guidance!

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Hi, @pssnacks

Welcome to the Shopify Community! Sorry to hear you've been having troubles with one of your products and discount codes. Happy to try and troubleshoot with you here. 

Are you using any third party apps that could be interfering with these features? Such as discount apps, shipping apps, or otherwise? If you are, it's important to look through those settings as closely as possible and make sure you haven't missed something that could be causing these issues. 

If you're not using any third party apps, then from what you've described it sounds like the issue lies somewhere with Product A. Can product A ship on it's own when it's added to the cart? Perhaps the issue is in the shipping settings around this product. Without a store link, or the discount code, this will be difficult to troubleshoot via the Community. I recommend looking at your shipping rates and make sure that there are no gaps in shipping for Product A. For example, does Product A belong to the same Shipping profile as Product B? If not, are there any difference between them that may explain this issue? 

Next, head to the discount code that is setup and make sure it's the same for all products (A, B and C). If it's only not working with one product, and not the others, you may be able to spot a difference in the settings and resolve this. 

If all of this fails, and you're not willing to share your website URL and discount code on the Community (which I understand, seeing as it's a discount on your products!) then your best bet will be to reach out to our Support team directly. We're not able to offer account-specific support at this time via the Community, but our Support team will be happy to look at your account specifically with you and help determine what's happening here. 

To reach out to our Support team, follow the link to our Contact page, login to your store, search for the issue you need help with, for example "items can't be shipped to your address" then look for the option to Continue to get support. From there, you'll be able to speak with our team via live chat, email or callback request. This way, our team can look at your shipping, product, and discount settings with you in detail. 

Let me know how this goes, and if you have any other questions!

Hilary | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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