It's a good idea to create a store to sell Svg's files ?

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Hello, Shopify community,

I am a beginner designer. I used to consider it just a hobby but now I am trying to make it more professional in order to make income.
About a year ago, I opened a store on the Etsy, and I achieved very good numbers (more than 20.000 sales and 900 five-star reviews) in a period of 10 months. I was a specialist in "Svg" files and certainly attached to four other formats (Dxf, eps, pdf, png). I made a lot of mistakes in the early days with regard to copyright and trademark, and I got a lot of violations because of my lack of experience and knowledge. This is what made it accumulate, not surprisingly, daily with a red notice saying that my store was permanently suspended (it is considered my only source of livelihood).
I want to know if it is a good idea to create a website on Shopify to sell this type of file (I can also add book covers and ... if needed). Could you tell me your experiences?

Is it a good idea to open a store for digital product with shopify?
I don't have any followers on social media. to shop for my store.

Will it be easy for my products to easily become in the search engines?
Your answer and experience are important to me,
Good day everyone
Thank you


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