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Iubenda and Shopify, is there anyone who managed to make it work?

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Hi, we have to understand something about cookies . we have install cookie bar of Iubenda following correctly installation guide. Now we have a problem , how can set our purpose of cookies , for example we want to set Analytics (after anonimyzed IP) as strictly neccessary ? because in Shopify we can only add UA code into preferences . And like for analytics we'll want to personalize the others , like Facebook, or script from app installed.


we cannot intervene into code of analytics to set new script class and data-purpose

because code generate by shopify after inserted a UA code into preference


and if I inject code of analytics in theme liquid , how can monitoring a checkout ? because I can change checkout only in shopify plus .


PS : no Iubenda app in Shopify store



Eurostep Shopify Developer
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