Jervis Bay Territory not supported in Australia?

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I'm in the midst of setting up shipping rates for a new Shopify site based in Australia, and I'm having problems with Jervis Bay Territory.


Google correctly suggests shipping addresses in the locality "Jervis Bay" and territory "JBT", but Shopify leaves the state/territory field blank and silently fails when attempting to either save the address (Shop Pay) or continue to shipping (regular checkout).


Australia Post considers addresses in JBT to be part of the ACT for address purposes (they don't support JBT for addressing), and part of NSW Country for shipping rate purposes (postcode 2540). A good test address is "Jervis Bay School, Dykes Avenue, Jervis Bay JBT 2540 Australia".


(I had a similar experience with Broken Hill, which is in NSW for address purposes but part of SA Country for shipping rate purposes (postcodes 2880-2889), but these addresses correctly autocomplete at checkout.)


Is this a known issue? I can work around the shipping rate issue fairly easily (exceptions are fun!), but curious to see whether anyone else has noticed this problem when testing their site, and whether there's a solution to correctly accept valid Australian addresses in Jervis Bay Territory at checkout.

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