Keep having to re-enter existing customer email addresses for a receipt

Keep having to re-enter existing customer email addresses for a receipt

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I can't see where to fix this issue. On the POS (free version) I have to keep entering in existing customer's emails for receipts during checkout, and inevitably it shows up on the screen that they don't accept marketing, either. I know some of these customers are returning, so it's frustrating and time-consuming that I have to do this. Any advice?

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Hi @KristenDScott,

You should check out ConnectPOS. As a leading POS for Shopify, we aim to simplify the omnichannel shopping journey of retailers. 

In your case, when using ConnectPOS, you will only type in the email address to find the customers when starting the checkout process. After that, our system will autofill the email on the receipts and other order details. You don't have to retype the email once again.

Hope this information and recommendation can help you. 

ConnectPOS - Shopify POS app for PC, Android, iOS, omnichannel retail, inventory control.
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Oh please give me a break. I will NOT pay another app fee for something that should be included in the POS shopping experience. It's hit and miss is what I'm also trying to say... some email addresses show up, some don't.

Shopify, please listen. I get that you are #3 or higher for e-commerce, but you're missing some basic features on POS. I'm getting really really tired of being nickel and dimed for being a customer here. I already pay for about 4-5 other apps, so I'm done. Not paying for something that should already be included. I would be interested if it was a feature that would enhance the POS, but not for what is a basic feature in every other POS on the market right now.

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Yes, this is really an issue for us too.

Dear Shopify, pls bump up priority on this issue. It is a major hassle when having many physical customers.



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Hi we are on Shopify pos pro. How do we setup pos to retain customers email addresses for receipts? It frustrates them to have to enter their email address everytime. 

(@ app owners, please don't reply. Not interested in your app)