Kill me now... finding product images in WYSIWYG editor for product descriptions

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This is by far the worst area of product management in Shopify. I love almost everything else but managing, finding using product images aggravates me a lot. 

Have you ever come back to a product to edit the description and change the images around in the description? Try finding an image you uploaded for that product 6 months ago? Image selection is a tiny popup when you want to insert an image. Good luck scrolling hundreds of pages to find your image. I have 4000 images on my store. I cannot find the image I am looking for. There is no search feature.. and no way to increase the size of the pop up. 

The other thing that aggravates me even more is images disappearing in the descriptions. What causes this? When I use an uploaded product image in the description, it disappears after a few days and I have to go back into the product and save it in the description again. 

What is going on? Why does this happen? Why is there no way to find the image to use in decription? Am I the only person with this problem? When I speak to shopify support, they have no clue what I am talking about.

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Yess!!!!! 100% agree and was just searching for a solution to this myself. All we would need is the ability to search file names within the image selector box. Seems like such a simple fix - because agreed, scrolling through hundreds of photos in the selector to find the one you want is a pain.