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Lack of Sales

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I have been running my account for about a month now and I think I have decent traffic for the early stages however I am yet to get my first sale. I am not sure what to do about this and do not want to keep running ads if my conversion rate stays at 0. Any advice?

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Hello TheWhiskerWorld,

You have an amazing website, but with a few efforts, you can improve the conversions of the website.


**Consider changing the font format of the content on the banner image, as it is not clearly visible. It does not stand out from the cat doodle, rather looking as a part of the overall doodle. You can make it bold or completely make it black.

‘Storewide Free Shipping’ is an important call-to-action, and it is important that the visitors notice it and get motivated to make a purchase**


**I checked the speed of the website on desktop and mobile devices, while the speed is good and acceptable on the desktop, the website is not performing too well on the mobile devices (see the below image).



As most of the users are mobile users, you shall focus on improving the website speed on mobile devices. Some tips for you:

  • Compress images
  • Reduce third party code impact
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS
  • Implement AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to reduce the loading time of the website on mobile phones

This can help you target the traffic from all devices**


**Add alt text to images, as some of the images on the website do not have alt text. Alt text helps in optimizing the images for voice search (as most of the people in present times are using voice search assistants for their research, so images will alt text have better chances of getting discovered).


Ensure that you add a keyword to the alt text and file names of the images to improve their chances to rank for that keyword.**


**Improve social media engagement, as social media are the best platforms to personally interact with the customers and engage them with the business. It can help you ascertain the expectations of the users, and also get their feedback for the website, so you can determine what they are expecting and align business operations with the expectations of the customers.**

**Consider adding customer reviews and testimonials to the website, as it adds social proofing to the website, and assures that the website is genuine. So, the customers get assured that the website offers good quality products, which encourages them to purchase products**


Hope it helps!