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Am I the only one who is finding shopify support really lacking at the moment. I used to be able to call the phone number and talk through issues. a couple of weeks ago I could only talk with actual humans in the Phillipines. Now I I have to prove I am not a robot to talk only with a robot. What is going on. It will not put me through to human support and keeps repeating the same questions. I am not getting anywhere and this is scary if this is how it will be from now on. Have they sacked all the human workers?

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Hi, CC89

I hope you are doing Great.

I understand your dissatisfaction with Shopify's customer service. Although I'm not specifically aware of any recent changes made to Shopify's support operations, it's usual for companies to modify their support procedures—including the addition of automated systems—in reaction to a range of factors, including resource allocation, customer demand, and efficiency.

follow few steps you can take to try to resolve your issue- Try Different Contact Methods, Check Shopify's Help Center, Escalate Your Issue, Consider Hiring a Shopify Expert, Provide Feedback. this steps may be help you.

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yea thats nice and all except we cannot escalate any issue. we have to jump through 70 hoops just to maybe talk to a useless robot. shopify support is non existent and im considering a lawsuit

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The changes have been the removal of the phone support altogether, so there is no ability to talk with anyone anymore. The removal of humans from live chat, so there is no ability to chat online to real people. No email service. I paid for a platform with support, now I have none, no information that it would be removed, nothing. The lawsuit sounds like a good idea @GymperorHoff