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Landing page builder for your store

Shopify Partner
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Hey everyone!

My team and I are currently building a new Shopify landing page builder app, you can take a look at it here: PageFly Landing Page Builder. We've already created some cool features that we think would be very helpful such analytics dashboard or 3rd party integrations, etc.

However, we would love to hear your opinions on this as well:

- Do you use any page builder app currently? What do you like the most about them? 

- What features do you need in order to create your landing page?

Any idea or suggestion is very much appreciated! Thank you!

May Phan - Product Designer @SellerSmith
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Hey everyone, I would like to suggest to try Layoutbase Shopify Page Builder which can provide a lot of features in a very affordable price.

Drag & Drop Editor
Add, delete and move elements of your website. Say no to coding and complicated back-end options.

Mobile Responsive Components
Building beautiful mobile responsive websites is easy with our beautifully pre-made components.

Drive Better Conversion
Drive website conversions with blazing fast loading time and fully customizable frontend components

and much more in Just 29$/mon. and it is really an affordable deal, and along with you have 14 days free trial. I would like to suggest you Try layoutbase. Thanks

Sally Johnson - Ambassador