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Hi everyone,

Looking for a totally free application with the following functions:

  • No translation number of words limitation;
  • No limitation in the number of languages ​​and currencies available;
  • Manual and automatic translation functionality at the same time (not just manual functionality);
  • Translation of Shopify content and third parties like Transcy (it translates images, forms, notifications ...);
  • Customizable language and currency selector.

Note that I can go an automatic translation without the manually one.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hello @Toteaddicts 

Here is the best solution to all this your requirement. AppJetty Language Translator with all the functionalities native to Shopify language translation feature. No more will you need to change your backend theme in accordance with third-party translator apps with the inbuilt native Shopify multi-language support.


Following are the highlight features of this translator app:

  • Simple and Smart Translation: This app lets you manage all the product objects (variants and options) in a single product resource. Hence, you don’t need to translate product options (size or color) or product variants separately. You can translate them easily with one tap which makes backend translation simple and fast. You can also translate auto-triggered SMS and emails to enhance target customers’ experience.
  • The choice between Google API-based Manual and Automated Translation: It lets you translate your store components both ways. You can either translate them manually or translate them in bulk automatically with Google API. You can also know the translation status of every component in your store during bulk translation.
  • 100% Control Over Final Translation: If you want, you can preview the final translation of your store beforehand. The What You See Is What You Get feature lets you manually edit any piece of content that doesn’t match the intended translation.
  • Compatibility with all major SEO apps: With AppJetty Language Translator, you can create multiple language-specific domains with native Shopify multi-language support. This helps make your translation SEO-friendly and boost your visibility.
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