Larger volume/weight items shipping issue

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I am using Canopy theme and a third party shipping app (EIZ) to communicate with my courier (Aramex). I have products that I would like to sell through my website that are either heavier or bulkier than the rest. My problem is that these items are not being charged at the correct shipping rate when purchased on their own. For example, I wish to sell a 50 litre bag of bark which has  a shipping weight of 14.5 kilograms, the customer is only being charged the 2 kg shipping rate. It appears that it is for any items with a shipping rate of 5 kg or greater. My courier has weight breaks of 2 kg, 5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 20 kg as well as 4 different shipping regions and a rural delivery surcharge. (I should say that I have tried a few ways to fix this already). Can anyone come up with some ideas as to why this could be happening? Is it possible to set a fixed shipping rate for individual products?

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Hi @SusanT ,

It is possible to set fixed shipping rate for individual products. Go into your Shipping and Delivery settings and create a custom profile. Add the products you have to charge a fixed price to that profile. Next, create a shipping zones and the fixed shipping rate that you want to charge in that profile. This should do the trick for you.

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Since you are using an app, reach out to the developer.


Alternatively, I recommend trying out the PH Multi Carrier Shipping Label app for integration with your Aramex account. With this app, you can display real-time Aramex shipping rates on your Shopify checkout page, eliminating the need to worry about the rate cards and weight slabs offered by the carrier.

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Hi @SusanT - If you are open to trying 3rd party apps, we at ShipperHQ have helped thousands of merchants resolve shipping related use cases and charge the right amount to shoppers at checkout.

You can opt for a free trial from here.

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Hello @SusanT 


Of course, we can set custom specific shipping rate for individual products! 

If you have a few products then you can simple crate a shipping profile in Shopify settings, and choose that product(s) and add shipping zone and rate on that profile. 

If you have many products with unique shipping cost then i suggest app like Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip, which have option to set shipping by product tags, type, vendor, or you can select specific products as well. 


i know shipping have many complex scenarios and hard to write everything here, so feel free to connect on app live chat support to get a quick response!


i hope this works for you.