Re: Latest Admin GraphQl API not working properly

Latest Admin GraphQl API not working properly

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Im trying to create new product with options using the productCreate Graphql Admin API . But unfortunatly it is not working properly.


Below is my mutation request:


mutation {
  productCreate(input: {
        title: "demo product 4",
        productType: "Snowboard",
        productOptions: [
                name: "size",
                values: [{
                    name: "large"
                    name: "small"
name: "medium"
] } ] }) { product { id hasOnlyDefaultVariant } userErrors { message field } } }

the response is 200. but when i see the created product in admin only the size-large option is created, other values like small and medium are not created. 


i also tried product options create API also, but unfortunatly im facing same issue there also. Please help..



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I am also banging my head over this issue and whats more concerning is the fact this authors post is from May 😕