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Hello everyone. I just launched my store today after several technical difficulties.  I would appreciate it if you guys visited my page and left some feedback. Something I could change, add, or implement. Also, any tips on driving traffic or tips in general for someone who just launched? Thank you!

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Hi, @chantal24!

I've taken a look at your store, and I'm really impressed by what I'm seeing! Your store design is clean, and easy to navigate, and your product photography are all crisp and clear. I do have a few suggestions that you can consider for your store:

  1. Remove the Powered by Shopify text: I noticed that you still have this text within the footer of your store. I highly suggest removing this text, as it will allow your store to appear more professional overall. It might seem like a minuscule detail to remove, but the text can draw attention away from your brand and can potentially also distract visitors. This text also links directly to our Shopify website, so this poses as a potential increase to your website's bounce rate, as customers may leave your site and not come back, should they click on this text.

  2. Include a Contact Us page: It's great to see that you have most of the relevant policy pages available on the footer of your store. I did see that you've yet to include a Contact Us page though, which is something I'd highly suggest. Having an easy to find Contact Us page is a great way to build trust with your prospective customers, as it tells them that your store is approachable and available to help with queries shall customers need it.

  3. Use a custom email address: Within your FAQ page I noticed that you're using a email address for your store. It's a good idea to set up a custom domain email address, as it will help you further enhance your store's brand, while strengthening trust with prospective customers. While Shopify doesn't currently offer email hosting natively on our platform, if you're just starting out, a popular choice to help with setting up your custom email address is Zoho Mail. Otherwise, Google Workspace is also a commonly used provider for hosting your custom email.

Where driving traffic is concerned, for stores that have just started out we have a handy guide here on our Shopify Blog that lists all the different ways to help with this. As seen within our blog, increasing your traffic can be done using paid or unpaid methods. You can market your store and products through setting up a paid marketing campaign on social media for example, or for an unpaid option, think about how you can optimize your store's SEO to increase your store’s discoverability too.

When it comes to paid advertising, I highly suggest looking into advertising on social media platforms, such as Facebook. If you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your store, this is a great opportunity to make use of the data that the Pixel collects, to retarget and tailor your ads to specific audiences. We have a great how-to blog here on how to create better ads using Facebook Pixel, feel free to take a look at it for more information too.

Last but not least, I'd also like to highlight the power of analytics. When testing out new marketing campaigns, remember to keep track of your analytics so that you know and are aware of how your campaign is performing. This will allow you to understand which strategies and campaigns have worked more than others, and will help you tailor a marketing strategy that works best for your business. At the end of the day, all businesses require different plans and have different methods that work. Advertising also requires trial and error, so don't be too discouraged if a particular ad you're running isn't performing as well as you'd hope it would be. Instead, view it as an opportunity to continue exploring other means of advertising that will work best for your business!

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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