Legal Scam re ADA compliance/websites

Legal Scam re ADA compliance/websites

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Please see below from a colleague in our industry. Has anyone seen similar and perceive risk? Thank you - Jane


Hello Everyone,


As a small business you already struggle enough to find success, without having people trying to Sue/Scam you…..


There is a new Legal SCAM , that is a machine cranking out 100s of lawsuits each week claiming “Blind People Cant shop your site”.  

If you own or operate a website you could become a victim of this, Extortion and Fraud Scam.


PHASE 1:  A hand full of lawyers in NY and CA, are scanning the internet for websites to see if they are “ADA Compliant” for blind People to shop.  The Lawsuits are real, and these lawyers are pumping out 10 to 20 lawsuits a day.


As soon as they file their case,


PHASE  2:  of the scam Starts…. You get Emails , Phone calls, letters in the Mail. From the “Second Set of Lawyers” who will advise you that you have a lawsuit against you that is a Class Action Law Suit.  These Lawyers are coming to the rescue, to help you before this “goes to Far”.


PHASE 3: You get flooded with Phone calls from Companies that can help you will Compliance for a monthly Fee.


PHASE 4:   You  Finally get Service from a legal Processor . (Please note that Phase 2 and 3 occur before you have even been served)


This is organized Crime , using the Law and ADA and the Disabled to create an endless profit center of forced Extortion that you willingly accept to avoid the possible consequences.


When people settle both sets of lawyers get paid, and you then sign up to have their Internet Machine determine your compliance for the end of time . They own the solution and the ability to create the problem .

Your small monthly fee, fed by you forever by your participation, funds this network , to allow them to sue everyone else on the internet.


Imagine what would happen if you don’t participate….. I am sure non participation means that you are then sued by other lawyers in the network.


Why am I telling you this ? ……We were Just Served.


Learn more here at “Top Class Actions” website so you can see all the newest legal Scams headed your way  : Search “Blind”


Read here :



If you don’t know exactly what to do to Help your situation till you can find a solution to avoid them eventually finding your site , short of shutting down your site:


Make sure you have a TERMS of SERVICE that states what the user agrees to, i.e. Jurisdiction of Law, That a user agrees that the cannot bring a Class action, Forced Arbitration etc. Only you know what is appropriate for your site.


The LAW in certain US Circuits have ruled , that a website requires “Public Accommodation” even if you don’t have a store. Others have ruled (9th Circuit) that websites do not have this requirement with the ADA .


If you want to see a copy of the lawsuit, I will be happy to share ours.


Protect yourself and share this with others you know that operate websites, so they don’t fall victim.


We have to protect ourselves as an industry.



Best Regards,

Stephen Sacra - Owner

Main office (480) 704-1700




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Stephen Sacra



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Shopify Partner
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Hi Stephen 


See this ADA Website Lawsuits report which gives a lot of information about these lawsuits.


There is a new law being introduced that is about to make the lawsuit situation even worse.

Please visit


Thank you.


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As one that has "just been served" I think Shopify should be responsible and paying for these loopholes in the justice system!!! As a business owner using the Shopify platform and paying a pretty hefty fee for this service, We've never once been notified that this should be a concern for us as business owners!!! NOT EVEN A DISCLAIMER that should be posted on Shopify to newcomer website owners. Anyone want to get a class action lawsuit against Shopify for this negligence to its customers? I will be happy to sign on!!!   

Shopify Partner
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Hi, you may want to read some of these reports. Overall, about 50% of lawsuits are targeted at websites built on Shopify.