Length & Width Lookup Function For Pricing

Length & Width Lookup Function For Pricing

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I am wondering if there are any way to set a product price based on a customers input. There will be two fields primarily. A length and width input box. However, there is no real formula for the input. It is based on each element (length and width).


The easiest way to explain it, is if the customer inputs a length within a certain range, (between

width: 1000mm and length: 1200mm for example), then this should show the price of 59 for example from the table example below. The price will need a lookup function to retrieve the values both, width and length, then what they fall between. 

Ultimately, the pricing will get the user input from both the width and length, then whichever range the customer input falls between, will show that particular price. I've attached a snippet of a Google sheets example for how the lookup should work. The increments go up every 200mm for both the width and length. Each increment the price changes. 


WIDTH →10001200140016001800
LENGTH ↓     


Additionally, there are also add-ons that can be applied to the product. Is there a way to add image selectors that also incur additional costs to the costs above?


Any assistance or guidance with this would be greatly appreciated!



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