Limit discount maximum dollar amount?

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Hello - I routinely give out discount codes for things like 10% off storewide. I need a way to set a maximum dollar amount the discount can be used for (i.e. 10% off, up to $50). This is mainly used to bring in new customers to plan their first order but I do not want the ability for someone to take  10% off an order of thousands of dollars. 


Shopify doesn't have this ability and I haven't been able to find an app that does so. I would have thought this would be a somewhat common thing but I've given up looking. I am currently on the Supply theme.


PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you :)

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Awesome! Is this app compatible with Recharge?

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Sorry for the late reply!
I didn't realize this was in reply to my other comment.

In general, we're compatible with apps that generate Shopify discounts.
So if Recharge falls under that umbrella, then yes!

We want to improve the support for compatibility so please let me know if it doesn't work the way you expect or if you have any other requirements.
We're always looking to improve.

To clarify, we can support setting maximum dollar amount limits at the discount level as well as at the order level.
Both are safety settings to ensure your store's margins are protected.
Check it out here:

Thanks again for reading and happy discounting!