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Hello all.

We've hired someone to assist us on building our Shopify website.
We use "Barky" as a theme.

Apparently, the one we've tasked to build our website informed me that we've reached the limit for adding subpages, and he's asking for additional fees for every "additional subpage".

Can someone please enlighten me if Shopify charge "extra" for additional subpages?

Please see below the email sent to me by the person we've asked to build our Shopify website:
"Kindly note that there are now 13 subpages instead of the originally planned 5, surpassing the limit of 8 subpages.
Each additional subpage will incur a cost of 200 AED so the total would be 1600.


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I imagine they have a limit on what they offer for services. Most companies do this. It isn't about what Shopify charges it is the fact that it takes more time to build more pages. Time = Money. So if they only include say 8 pages in the services they typically have an upcharge for any additional pages you need.


The only thing I can say is to consider going over your original contract or agreement.


Is your website published? What are the additional pages you need? I may have time I can help out for free to reduce some cost.

Beaux Barker
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thanks for your response.
We don't have any contract per se.
They just mentioned about additional charge recently.