Limit the Total Number of Products Sold Per Pickup Date

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Hello! I am trying to create an online bakery. The bakery offers multiple cake variants (eg. (1) Matcha, (2) Earl Grey, (3) Tiramisu).


I would like to limit the NUMBER OF CAKES sold per PICKUP DATE - doesn't matter which cake variant so long as (1) + (2) + (3) <= 10. There are many apps that limit the NUMBER OF ORDERS per pickup date, but doesn't limit the number of cakes purchases with each order, so in theory a customer could order many cakes in one order, exceeding my capacity - I also do not want to limit the order size per order either unless the total cap is exceeded. Would also love features that support order cutoff time, block off dates for pickup.


I am wondering if anyone can recommend an app for that? Thank you! 😄

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