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Hi there!


I'm facing a particular challenge: Let's say you have 1 landing page with 1 image and a prompt to "click one of the links below". There are 3 links, that lead to different retail sites (that I do not own or have access to).

How might you track how many clicks each of the 3 links receives in a given timeframe?


E.g.: How many page visitors clicked on Link1 vs. Link2 vs. Link3 ?


Would creating unique UTM links for each of them be tracked in Shopify since it leads out of the site?


Thanks in advance!

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You can do this with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

I had this setup on a site I used to own to track clicks on external links to our partners. I paid someone to do it, but if you have time to invest you could probably search "how to track link clicks with google tag manager" and find a guide.

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