Linking 4 products with several sizes and various options for each product in one product page

Linking 4 products with several sizes and various options for each product in one product page

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I'm Jacob and I'm just starting my first online story with customized wall art. I have no experiece in this so I need some help/clarification on one thing.


I want to sell posters, posters with hanger, framed posters and canvases. I want to provide 3 different art styles to my customer so I want to sort my products based on art style. It means that on one product page (like Watercolor painting) I want to have options for all 4 products in several sizes and other options for only some products (like frame color for framed posters etc.)


Is it even posible to make it work and set up it in this way? I will use the manual fulfillment to update customizated art to each order but I want anything else to be already selected by customer (like type of product, size, color of frame/hanger etc.).


Please let me know If it is possible and how can I do it exactly since I'm begginer in this problematic and/or if is any app which can make this process easier for me. 


Thank you very much for your time reading this,


Best regards,

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Hi @JacobKud,

It's been a while since you raised the topic, and I'm unsure if you've already found a solution for your store. However, I'd like to suggest a solution for you (and other members) to consider if you encounter a similar issue in the future 🤗.

You can use the Easify Product Options app to set up your product options. Here's a quick demonstration:

  • Create a custom option set:



  • Add an option for customers to choose an Art style, with four options available: poster, poster with hanger, framed poster, and canvas. Use the Dropdown option type.



  • Add an option for customers to select a Size after choosing the Art style. Use the Buttons option type.



  • Add an option for customers to select a Frame Color if they choose Framed Poster. Use the Image Swatches (or Color Swatches) option type and set up Conditional Logic so that the Frame Color options are displayed only when the Framed Posters option is selected.




  • Add an option for customers to choose regarding the Hanger, such as whether they want it "ready-to-hang" or not. Use the Switch option type.



  • (add more custom options if needed)

Finally, assign the option set to your relevant product(s), such as the Watercolor painting.




Here's another similar demo with custom options set up using the Easify Product Options app.


I encourage you to try the app as there are more exciting features for you to explore 😊.

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