linking multiple ebay listings to single shopify product?

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Hi everyone, first post here!

I'm in the process of building my store and already have an ebay shop.

Quick run down:

I sell a particular silicone hose for a vehicle.
Same product, different colours.
For it be be in the correct category on ebay (motor vehicle parts) you can't list variations (colours) so I have say, 8 listings for the same product but in different colours.
I know there's ways round this but you have to list it under a different ebay category which attracts a higher final fee %.
Plus having 8 separate listings gives a higher chance of being seen as opposed to 1.

But anyway,
On my Shopify store I have that single product with multiple choice (colours).

Are you able to sync/link the 8 separate ebay listings to the single product on Shopify so that it keeps track of the inventory?

Thanks in advance

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