Linkpop not working on mobile

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Is anyone running to an issue with linkpop? When I open from my computer, it’s fine. When myself or my customers open from mobile on Instagram or Threads, we receive this error “this sites security certificate is not trusted”.  I’ve checked a few other businesses that use linkpop as well and get the same error. 



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Hi @42nerdtasticpl !


Before anything else, I highly suggest that you try some troubleshooting steps first such as, switching to a different browser, use another or different device, use different internet connection for example, switch to Mobile date instead of Wi-fi, and clear your cookies and cache. If done and the error still persists, I highly suggest that you reach out to Linkpop support team to see if they have any system issue going on.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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