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Liquid object quantity_rule?

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According to docs, Liquid offers a quantity_rule object, with 3 properties: min, max, increment.

I'm curious where are these properties pulled from, where should they be stored so Liquid can pull them and offer them to the front end.

They seem to be connected to the variant object, but on the back end the ProductVariant object doesn't have that field.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Hi @newbie_01 


Interesting. This seems to be new. You can use the following rule to set up the product variant quantity. I believe this is something to do with the changelog in Shopify. You can see this code being use in the Shopify FREE themes, inside the main-product.liquid under the Section folder. 




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Yes, the code in the theme looks very promising, but I can't find where is the actual data (min,max,increment) stored for each variant.

Good find on that changelog entry. It mentions catalogs. I tried making a new catalog but couldn't find quantity data there either.

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Did you find the solution to your case? We are having a similar case where we want to specify increment quantity for each product and use it in the store front end? 

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HI @newbie_01 


This is only available in B2B commerce stores. You can see documentations here

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That's a bummer, but at least we have an answer. Thanks!

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Is it used for the new cart and checkout validation API? But I can't find any docs mentioning that

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