List of Customers that issued a chargeback ( fraudulent transactions and chargebacks )

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Hello everyone in the community here,

I just had enough of customers putting chargebacks and scaming people.

We have most of the chargebacks from the US where customers say they never received the item or declare a faudulent transaction.

We then started sending everything signed for but we still get chargebacks.



I'm looking for a website that all shopify owners can list addresses and names as well emails used for fraudulent transactions.

Would anyone be up to that?

I can create an app based database and you can search if a particular email or address has been created in the past a fraudulent transaction.


I am just starting the conversation, would anyone be into this?



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It's highly frustrating that chargebacks are being abused in this way. They were intended as a protection against identity theft, but some consumers are using it was a means of digital shoplifting without recourse.

I'm taking a slightly different approach. By requiring additional KYC (Know Your Customer) rules at checkout by requiring a valid ID and matching selfie - you have indisputable evidence that this person intended to make the purchase.

The billing address is validated against the Drivers License of the customer.

Problems with building an unofficial block list:

## The information it is built on is unstable and not unique

You could only share billing details & reported names of customers. Customers move addresses and names aren't unique. if a Bob Smith shows up on this list, all of the other Bob Smiths would be blocked from making transactions in this network.

## It's only as trustworthy as the shops participating

All it takes is one negligent or bad acting shop to ruin the effectiveness of this list. By making this a voluntary process, a bad acting merchant could stuff the list with fake data easily.

You would need to validate each participating merchant in order for them to be part of the program.

Just pointing out issues with this approach. It's been tried historically with IP addresses and it's just isn't effective. 

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what would be a good way to handle any chargebacks?

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Shopify does have information about a particular email or shipping address that has recently been used for fraud or has raised a chargeback. It would be great if a red flag is shown for such transactions or even an orange flag just to give us an idea about whether a particular order is genuine or not. This can be limited to the last 3 months so for example such an email has been used fraudulent or this shipping address has been used fraudulent in the last 3 months.


Shopify does have this information and usually fraudsters go on a shopping spree when they get hold of credit card data. Any Police department will try to stop that at its root and at the beginning. Why Shopify chooses to ignore such a crime and basically saying, I AM SORRY WE HAVE EVIDENCE OF A PARTICULAR INDIVIDUAL COMMITTING CRIME BUT WE WILL ALLOW THE VICTIMS TO IDENTIFY IF THE PARTICULAR CRIMINAL IS COMMITTING A CRIME INSTEAD!


When a burglar commits a crime Police is trying to catch him and eliminate him from the system so there are no more crimes committed by this particular individual. They do not say, sorry there is nothing we can do, we accept there is a burglar on the loose, and we have issued a guide on how to protect yourself against  burglary.

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While we can appreciate that chargebacks are a frustrating situation, sharing customers' personal information will go against Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy, which you agree to when you use Shopify. Sharing customers' information on the Community forums will also go against our Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

@dylanpierce makes some excellent suggestions on how to reduce the chances of receiving a chargeback. However; we also offer documentation on chargebacks and how to reduce your chance of fraud in our help centre. 


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Your documentation is broad and full of unnecessary information that does not pertain to our issues.  I still can not understand how someone that purchases and item IN PERSON can turn around and have their money reimbursed without any recourse what-so-ever!  Shopify is not supporting customer needs and this is a very big problem.


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I think it's a fantastic idea.  This fraudulent transaction business is pretty lucrative for customers.  WTF!

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It would make sense that Shopify's Legal Team would be intercepting and consulting technical issues that may pertain to questionable transactions and mediating basic issues.   If they can't support shopify customers, and scammers take our money, then there's no reason to use Shopify, right?


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I think that's an excellent idea!  I have a couple to add to your list.  I've only been a shopify store owner for three months and I have had three.


I also find that the US banks are also at fault.


No one is holding anyone accountable.  Just simply fix it to make the customer happy and we get money pulled out of our account.  And the customer gets to keep the product with no recourse?  


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Just discovered this list by doing an address search, we got a chargeback and found out this scammer has been filing chargebacks numerous times with other companies.